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Building IET Career Pathway Programs for Adult English Language Learners in the Virtual Space

Updated: Jan 13

The pandemic has made it clear that high-quality, virtual learning is now a necessity, and it has highlighted the need to address issues of access and equity, especially with chronically underserved populations. While there is a national focus on apprenticeship and other workforce development programs, they have too often left English language learners behind. In this virtual workshop, you'll learn how to create English language onramps for existing job skills programs and how to effectively integrate employment and training programs for non-native speakers entering healthcare, manufacturing, food and beverage, customer service, IT support, and other in-demand career fields.

This webinar is a part of the third Maryland Adult Education Virtual Training Institute - Hosted December 2020. The facilitators for this session were Katie Nielson and Tadd Wamester from VoxyEngen.

Building IET Career Pathway Programs for
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